Breyon Gaston


As I think about the essay question at hand, the first thing that I would do with $50,000 is to be an inspiration to other young people, by “Paying it Forward”. 

One way I see accomplishing this is by giving the money back to the community in which I live in. The first project that has come to mind is a “Garden for Granny’s”. I have noticed that many of the older people in my neighborhood have little places to call their own. So, my dream would be to supply them with an area of serenity and peace.

My plan for the “Garden” is to begin by purchasing a vacant lot in my neighborhood and bringing it back to life. I would do this by planting a variety of flowers, other plants and beautiful items. Adding a pond or a water fountain would also give the garden a little something extra. The people that will come to the garden would have the option to walk along a path or have a seat upon a bench and rest for a while. 

I would eventually spread this act of kindness throughout the metro Detroit area and purchase vacant lots in as many different neighborhoods which will enable me to give back to the communities in which I live in, by doing so I hope to inspire other young people to give back to their communities by beautifying them in same way. 

I think that in this day and time it is essential that we help out the generations that have come before us, and by giving them a space that they can relax and call their own is just a small fraction of appreciation that we can show them.