Breanna Sullivan


Character building moments have often tested my mettle and offered me personal growth beyond measure. During my freshman year in high school, my family was struggling financially. My mom is a congestive heart failure patient with very costly medical bills. While we were in the process of attempting to pay these bills, we became victims of predatory lending. To make things worse, our home was being foreclosed. We had absolutely nowhere to go. Fortunately, through a county program, we were introduced to Habitat for Humanity. 

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that helps people that ordinarily wouldn't be able to afford a home, achieve homeownership. Before moving into a Habitat home, you must complete 300-500 hours of sweat equity. We had to do 250 because my mom is a single parent. This sweat equity consisted of a variety of construction tasks to build our home and the homes for other families in the program. Due to my mother's condition, I was the primary person in our family completing these hours.

When I began working with Habitat I honestly did not want to do the work. I even remember hiding in the closets of a house so I would not have to. My mentality changed after about 2 weeks of "working". I actually got to meet some of the other Habitat recipients and hear their stories. While listening I realized that even though I was in a bad predicament, I was still in a better position than most people. From that moment on, I put my all into my work. I fell in love with the satisfaction that you get from helping people. Habitat opened the door for me to join other community service organizations, and make the decision to be a lawyer so I could continue to help others.