Ashley Parker


Similar to the directions given by flight attendants pertaining to putting your oxygen mask on before assisting others, if I had $50,000.00, I would invest one fifth of the money for my future. The remaining funds would be divided amongst groups that positively influenced my character development and molded me into an individual who is prepared to venture forward.

First, I would lovingly gift my mother, who was widowed when I was seven and persistently guided her children into being respected employees, dedicated students and college graduates. Mom taught my twelve siblings and me that without integrity, honesty, and courage, our receptacle of data would have little worth. Mom’s diligence in seeking opportunities for her children is endless and she is always able to interchange resources to make things happen.

Additionally, because my parents adopted me and seven of my brothers and sisters, I would contribute to a mentoring program for children in the foster care system that would assist them in hurdling obstacles. Through teaching and modeling problem solving techniques, youngsters would have a chance to overcome the label of “damaged goods” and rise to their full potentials.

Next, after spending three weeks in South Africa with the LEAD program in 2011 and witnessing the deprivation of children living in the primitive townships of Cape Town, I would donate monies to task forces that affect the global community such as Kids Against Hunger.

Lastly, I would set up a scholarship fund at my school for future students to realize their dreams. The dedication and commitment of my teachers gave me the tools to continue my educational journey and I desire to assist other scholars.

John F. Kennedy said, “To whom much is given, much is expected.” While sowing part of myself in these communities, I will reap endless rewards.