Arron Williams


My life has been impacted by one single word and event during my life. That action that I have been impacted by is relocation. Before I start, I'd just like to say that at the end of my third grade year I was moved out of state along with my mother, father and brother, Mark. I started the 4th grade in Baltimore County, in the state of Maryland. At the end of one February I ended up coming back to Michigan near the end of my 8th grade year. Starting my first week back in Southfield, Michigan was a huge transition from Maryland. 

People always referred to how I dressed or how I enunciated my words, in other words, how I spoke. They said I spoke so "white", whatever that meant. I found it ignorant to bring race in between how someone spoke. But I assumed they just meant to say I spoke so proper and fluently. I wasn't raised in the "hood" I guess most of them would say, as I was raised in the suburbs. Moving back, however, changed the “accent” problem I “had”, but my knowledge on how to speak has only increased.

This transition from a suburban area changed my whole outlook on life. This allowed me to open my eyes and realize that people aren’t nice everywhere. In response I choose who I really get to know and include inside my life. I found it harder in the city, than in the suburban areas from which I moved.