Andreea Mitrache


I was born in Bucharest, Romania on September 3, 1994. I grew up in Bucharest until 2000, when my parents and I came to the United States. My parents left their family, friends, and the country they grew up in and loved so much. They made this extremely difficult and selfless decision to give me a better life filled with more opportunities. With $50,000, I would pay for a trip to Romania for my parents and I. I would take this trip with my parents to visit all of our family that we left behind. A trip to Romania is extremely expensive and we have only been able to go back a couple of times since we left. This would be a miniscule sacrifice compared to what they sacrificed for me.

This trip would not cost $50,000 so with the remaining money I would use it to help out my family in Romania. I would use the money towards helping my aunts and uncles put my cousins through school, because schooling is expensive in Romania. Another thing I would do with money is purchase laptops from here and give them to our family there. The technology we have here in the United States is much more advanced than the technology in Romania so this would greatly benefit them. The last thing I would use the money towards is purchasing a car for my aunt and uncle and one for my cousin. Something as simple as buying groceries becomes a timely and hard task without a car for my aunt and uncle. A car would also be of great use to my cousin when going to and from the university.

Helping out my family in Romania and allowing my parents to see their loved ones is one of my greatest dreams.