Amber Hunter


Words cannot describe what I would do with $50,000! First, I would tell my parents that all that praying to God about bringing extra money into the house finally paid off. I would look my father in his eyes and tell him that the bills he worried about paying this month would not only be paid on time but paid in full. Since I am attending college next fall and will not be able to spend a lot of time with my parents as well as my close friends, I would schedule a trip that I will remember forever. My parents, friends, and I would be on the next flight to Brazil for a week vacation under the sun. We would stay in a lavish hotel on the beach and participate in activities we never dreamed of. For example, we would go to Florianopolis which is the place to be in Brazil and go surfing on the beach and scuba diving with the tropical Brazilian fish. After our day in the sun we would go to a seafood restaurant and enjoy delicious Brazilian cuisines. We would go site seeing and visit the city of Salvador. On the last night of our trip to Brazil, we would schedule an evening picnic on the beach and reflect on the amazing week we shared. 

I am aware that this is not the “typical” essay response that a scholarship committee looks for. However, it is an honest response. Most students who applied for the scholarship probably wanted to use the $50,000 to stop world hunger or donate it to charity but in reality they wouldn’t do either. My response to this essay was very simple, with $50,000 I would make a memory with the people I love that will last for a lifetime.