Amber Hobbs


With $50,000 I would be able to do so much, save many lives and brighten a lot of people's days. With that amount of money I would first pay off all medical bills of my family members. Second, I would invest 8% of whatever is left into savings and lastly, I would give the rest of the money to the state of Michigan to be given directly to the education department. Budget cuts has affected several citizens of Michigan, however with the increase of taxes, new laws have been set to take money from the education department of Michigan. I personally do not agree with this decision. This issue has cut several after school programs; it has fired many teachers and administrators, as well as cut the income of most of teachers in many districts. Education is something that people should want to invest in rather than take away from it.

Teachers are the most important factor of a great school, they act as the foundation of a good education. This money would not only make sure that they keep their jobs but also provide new materials for learning. Every student learns differently and the ways of teaching are changing every school year. New materials such as smart boards, art supplies and laptops are in high demand for the average classroom.

I'm sure this money will not completely solve any problems Michigan is facing today, but it can act as a good start for the right direction.