Alexsys Pullen


$50,000 is definitely a large sun of money. This money can be used to go on a shopping spree, pay off debt, save for a rainy day, or used for education. As a high school senior, I was thinking that the money could be used to pay for college and even graduate school. Of course, paying for my education would be the most responsible, but slightly boring decision. With 50,000 dollars, I would first want to give back to my community; they helped raised me and formed to be the person I am today. I would want to give back to my community in Detroit so that those children can received the same privledge. Next I would like to help my mother, so that some of the pressure and stress could be relieved from her. My mother has done so much for me to ensure that I had the best education and the best childhood experiences that a child could. I would like to do this small task and give her a small piece of mind. After I have helped my community and gave my mother some peace. I would want to spend a lot of the money on myself. I have been a dedicated student athlete, and dedicated member of the Plymouth United Church of Christ Youth Group, and have not spent a lot time developing a social life. I would like to treat my self to some down time. I would to go on vacation and spend time some close intimate time with my friends. $50,000 would help me accomplish all these goals.