Alex Mardlin


A few weeks ago, my friends and I put together three of the greatest games known to man. We combined ultimate (Frisbee), euchre, and Rubik’s cubes. We called it ultimate cubing with some euchre.

I will briefly describe the game play. With teams of three, you take turns as partners playing euchre for a total of three games. Starting with the number of points to have from euchre, you play ultimate up to forty points. The number of points each team has once one team has reached 40 points corresponds to the amount of time the team gets to solve as many Rubik’s cubes as possible. The team that scores 40 points gets four minutes to solve Rubik’s cubes. The team with more cubes solved wins.

With $50,000, I could make this sport possible. Websites, flyers, and billboards could all be used to advertise. It would be fun, and it could be used to raise money, for organizations or charities, so the $50,000 could be turned into much more. I would seek out a venue to rent, and because the proceeds would be going to a good cause, the owner may donate the time at the venue or give a discounted price. 

This event would also inspire others to pursue playing this sport. I know that there would be several colleges that would establish leagues of ultimate cubing with some euchre.

To conclude, with $50,000, I would host an event introducing a fun, creative, new sport that would raise money for a good cause. The sport could inspire others to establish leagues and continue playing this sport.