Aaron Tellis


An event that caused me to look differently on life was when I joined track. At the beginning I realized that there were different types of children that got them different results. There were the children that have been running for a while and they were the ones that usually excelled, then there were the ones that slacked off and got no where, and finally there were the special ones. As cliché as this may sounds these students were the ones who came in slow as heck but came to practice everyday and did everything the coach asked of them and more. They did this doing the past three years, and I witnessed these young people and how some has become state class runners. This is what changed my perspective on life because a lot of people talk about if you work hard and become dedicated you will excel but to actually see it happen before your eyes, makes you actually understand what all those people were trying to tell you. I believe I got the point, as I remain open to receive an even greater understanding.