Things to do Instead of Going to the Mall...

With the weather changing and school breaks coming soon. There is a huge temptation to chase all of your boredom away, while hanging out at the mall. And as most of us know, when we go to hang out at the mall the mall tends to take our money. So, I thought it would a great idea to put together a simple list of things for us to do instead of going to the mall.

1.    Invite your friends over to cook some Pinterest worthy food together. <Like these bacon dippers.>

One of the biggest reasons I don’t like cooking is the time it takes and the massive clean up after all the hard work. Instead rally some of your friends together to make a Pinterest worthy meal as a team. Everyone can bring a few ingredients and you can spend time preparing the food together. Not to mention you will probably get some incredible Instagram pictures in too! Take the 2 or 3 hours you would normally spend at the mall and spend it in the kitchen laughing, creating and enjoying the company of your friends.

2.    Movie Marathon

No Netflix? No problem! There’s this place called, the public Library where you can rent movies FOR FREE! Have some throwback movie marathons. Pop some popcorn and break out the red vines.

3.    Take your time at the gym

This is the number one way I kept myself away from the outlet mall as a single lady with limited friends in my area. I literally found myself at the outlet mall every week! So, instead anytime I was tempted to go to the mall, or was bored, I put on my yoga pants and tennis shoes and took myself to the gym. I really loved the freedom I had to take my time while at the gym. I had a lot more noticeable results from my work outs, because I wasn’t in a rush.

I hope this blog post gives you some inspiration to spend less time hanging out at the mall. But, instead, spend more time with your friends learning, growing, creating and laughing in an atmosphere when you are less likely to frivolously spend your hard earned money on a bunch of stuff.

Keep on the lookout for next week’s blog post with a few more ideas of things to do instead of going to the mall. I like going to the mall too, but there comes a point where it’s just too much! Ya know?

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,