Your Mom Might Not Know . . . But Epinions Does!


Like Kristen, the author of this blog post on the Quicken Loans website, I rely on people I know for their advice before I buy anything. Tires for my car? My boyfriend. A new bed? Mom. Curling iron? My sister. Cell phone? Tommy. Microphone? Scott.
But there are thousands of things that people buy every day, and not everyone has a solid support system of semi-knowledgable people to ask for advice. Luckily, you can find reviews for almost anything you can think of at
On, you can find reviews on cars, magazines, toasters, iPods, wine, cosmetics, slippers, literally ANYTHING you can think of that you can buy. It's almost magical - I feel like wizards couldn't think of something better than Epinions.
The idea for Epinions is in that brain.
The best part? It's not retailer-based. The site is unbiased, and lets reviewers post their honest opinions. If someone hated the work boots he bought, he will post a negative review with no worries that the manufacturer will censor it. You'll get a good feel for a product from real opinions -- not just the writing on the back of the box!
Do yourself a favor and check out next time you want the real scoop on a product!
Stay awesome!