Your Job is Costing You Money!

You'd think that having a job would mean finally having a decent amount of money in the bank and being able to pay off some outstanding debts you might have.  Strangely, that's not always the case. This article from MSN Money talks about how having a job can actually make you lose money - as well as some tips on how to avoid that.

The article cites transportation costs as a big reason that paychecks don't seem to go all that far. Whether it's from putting gas in your car, repairs caused by the wear and tear of commuting, or passes for public transportation, the money you pay to get to work is eating away at your earnings.

Child care, while not applicable to all of you, is another expense that can't be ignored. The cost of daycare or a babysitter adds up FAST, but it's an area in which you don't want to sacrifice quality for price.

The clothes you have to wear to work also burn a hole in your paycheck. Some employers will give an annual stipend, but many don't - so those suits you have to wear to work? Those nice business-casual black shoes that follow the dress code? Be prepared to pony up.

None of this is meant to scare you from getting a job, obviously! But it's just something you need to keep in mind when you get that first awesome gig.

Read the full article for more job-related money pits, and ways to cut those costs down!

Stay awesome!