Young & Free Video! It's International Credit Union Day!

Young & Free Michigan, today's video is so cool!

Today is International Credit Union day, and maybe you don't even know what a Credit Union is, or why it's so awesome to be a member of one. Well, I didn't know either, until this year. Watch this video we made while in Austin, Texas that talks about how little we all knew about Credit Unions at the beginning of the year and how much we love them now! I want to be Young & Free financially for the rest of my life. It might sound crazy, but it is possible, and being a member of a Credit Union will help me achieve that goal! 

Credit unions put people before profits. Credit unions believe in you and your dreams. See what a credit union can do for you.

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This video was created in Austin, Texas by the Young & Free Spokesters to celebrate and promote International Credit Union Day (October 16, 2014).

Original "Young & Free Forever" song was written and performed by Kenny DeShields. Lyrics by Kenny DeShields, Rachel Parrent and DeAnna Anglin. Additional musicians include Greg Hand and Charlie Brown.

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