You and Captain Planet Can Save the World

I don't know about you, but I don't have a lot of money. There, I said it. Admitting it is the first step. So I always feel a little twinge of guilt when someone asks me to donate money to a church or school fundraiser, and I can't even manage a $25 gift, because then I won't have any gas to get to work to earn the money I spend in my gas tank.

It was as simple as an internet search. Hey, I'm Gen Y, right? Technology rules. I found some simple ways to donate to charity without straining your already-tight budget.

Donating your used clothes to a local charity is a great way to give back. The Purple Heart organization will pick up your clothes right from your house! If you live in the Metro Detroit area, you can schedule a pickup here. Purple Heart also takes items such as TVs, small appliances, toys, and tools. We've been donating our clothes for years, and it really is an easy and budget-friendly way to do your part.

Habitat for Humanity also accepts donations of used/gently used paint, building materials, and tools that may be sitting in your garage. Use it as an excuse for spring cleaning!

I'm sure that all you Gen Y-ers have a few old cell phones lying around. Luckily, you can donate those to charity too! There are a ton of programs that collect used cell phones to donate to soldiers, protect the environment, etc. Really, there are a ton of ways you can contribute to society at little to no cost.

If you have the time, you could donate your services to numerous organizations -- most college campuses have a variety of resources and events for you to participate in, and a simple web search can bring up a list of organizations in the area that are in desperate need of volunteers in a time where cash flow is . . . less than ideal.

So if, like me, you feel the twinge of guilt because your pocketbook doesn't match your save-the-world attitude, check out some of these options and get all Captain Planet on everyone.

Stay awesome,