Yackity Yack ... On an Airplane?

You're on a long, cramped flight from the US to London, England. (First, YES! I want to go back to England more than anything right now. So I'm jealous of you.)  

What do you usually do on a long overnight flight? Probably read, sleep, maybe watch a movie on your laptop with headphones, or other generally quite, solitary activities.
But what if the person next to you was yacking on their cell phone the whole time, negotiating a fiery business deal while you're trying to rest up for your big professional business-y thing that you have to do the next day? How angry would you be?
Well, Virgin Atlantic has started to allow cell phone calls on their Washington, D.C.-London flights. What do you think about this? Do you like the "unplugged" time on an airplane, when you can relax without the pressing need to use your phone? Or would you welcome the chance to make calls while you're stuck on your 8-hour flight?
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