Would You Date Someone in Debt?

Being in a relationship (most usually) costs money. You need money to buy your significant other gifts, to take him or her out on a date, or to buy your future house together. Even though it’s hard to talk about, relationships really are affected by finances. And being young adults, we already don’t have that much to spare. This brings up the question: When it comes to love, does money matter? And would you ever date someone in debt?

Those are two very tough questions and every person has their own take and their own answer. Personally… hopefully whoever I’m dating or want to date in the future has much more to offer me than a big paycheck. Money is great to have for more financial freedom, but I still don’t think it can buy you love. And I also don’t think money should prevent you from loving someone either.

Melissa Leong from The Financial Post had the chance to interview people, asking them, “would you date someone in debt?”

It was really interesting to hear everyone’s stance on the issue.  Check it out below:

Love over money always,

Vicky :)