Winter Life Hacks

Winter has officially hit and I am feeling it! My least favorite part of winter is going outside. I mean, no one likes standing outside in freezing cold, wet conditions trying to scrape ice off of their car. So, I found some easy solutions that have the potential to help in the long run. 

These three tips all take a little extra time and preparation on the front end of a storm, or after you park your car at school, but they could really save you a ton of time when you need to get back in the car.

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1. Socks on windshield wipers will help your wipers stay free from ice.

This is so clever! I have got to be honest, and let you know that I have not tried this hack myself. It seems like it will either work wonderfully or it could go horribly and you might end up with socks frozen on your windshield wipers… you be the judge of that! 

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2. Hand sanitizer on your key can help open a frozen door lock. 

This hack won’t apply to everyone, because some people are blessed and have an electronic key or even better yet, an automatic starter! But for those of us who have to manually unlock our cars, this is a great hack to remember! 

3. Grocery bags on your side mirrors will help your mirrors stay free from ice. 

This is a hack that I would actually try myself, because I HATE when I cant see out of my side mirrors. All it takes is some grocery bags and a clothes pin or rubber band! Seems simple enough to me. 

Thank you The Krazy Coupon Lady for these awesome tips and pics to help us survive the harshness of the winter. Check out her full blog post for even more winter life hacks.

Do you know of any great tips to help us survive this winter? Share your life hacks with me.

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