Why Stomachs Make Noise


Ever wonder why your stomach growls?  Well, to start with, the scientific names for this growling is borboryzein, which in Greek means, “to rumble.”  Now the obvious reason for this growling is because our body is trying to tell you, “HEY!  FEED ME!”  However, there is a more scientific and somewhat gross reason why this happens.  
Turns out, food is what keeps the stomach quiet.  When the stomach is absent of food, it continues to churn as if it was full.  Since there is nothing inside, the stomach’s walls actually rub together creating the gurgling and vibrations that we hear and feel.  Combine this with digestive juices sloshing around and you’ve got one noisy mid section.
So the next time your stomach starts making noises remember that NO, your not dying…your body is simply doing it’s job.  With that said, you WILL want to be aware of the psychological effect this can have on your spending.  Be sure to avoid this situation while shopping or going out with friends by eating before going out!  We all know it is way to easy to cave at the grocery store when your hungry.  Control your body so it doesn’t control you or your wallet!  Special thanks to Mental Floss for the somewhat gross, but interesting facts!
Until next time,