A History of Giving Back

What do Scholarships and Michigan First Have in Common?

Since the announcement of the Young & Free Michigan Scholarship Competition, I have been asked numerous times why a credit union would sponsor a scholarship competition.  The truth is, five years ago if someone would have told me about this competition; I might have asked the same question.  While it may seem odd for a financial institution to put on such a large scholarship program, this is not unfamiliar territory for Michigan First.   Credit Unions across the country have always had a strong history of giving back to their communities.  Michigan First is no different.


Established in the 1926, Michigan First was originally founded as the Detroit Teachers Credit Union by nine local teachers.  Since then, they have never lost their focus on education.  Even as one of the largest credit unions in the area, Michigan First continues to make educating young adults on smart money management a priority.  They know that by investing in the education of young adults now, they can help contribute to a brighter future for generations to come.  Over the past nine years Michigan First has given away over $650,000 in scholarship money.

From my own perspective I can say that it is truly refreshing to work with an organization that has such a good set of core values.  After I’m done talking to people about the scholarship program, they’ll often ask, “Okay, but what’s the catch?”  I love it because I can smile back in confidence and say there isn’t one.  This is just another way Michigan First gives back to its members and continues to be a positive presence within the Detroit Metro Community.  Reason number 657 on why I love my job…

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