Why I Love My Job pt. 3: Social Media


Like many people in GenY, I've been active on several social media channels for years. (I had a Facebook when you still needed a ".edu" email address to sign up! OLDIE ALERT!) 
That was a major draw for me to apply for the Young & Free Michigan Spokester job. I know it sounds kinda nuts, but I get paid to Facebook/Tweet/YouTube all day! On days when I'm not at Michigan First or out in the community attending events, my sole responsibility is to post content and interact with all of you lovely people on the fabulous Interwebz. You get a smartphone to carry around with you all the time, so you can tweet on the go!
The challenge, though, is that you're not just using social media for yourself -- the public will DEFINITELY read what you post. It's important to keep this in mind whenever you put content up, whether it's linking to an article, posting a funny video, or just asking a question on Facebook. You have to be constantly aware that while being your crazy, creative self, you're still representing Young & Free Michigan and Michigan First Credit Union. 
That being said, it's super fun! I love talking to all you fabulous GenY-ers, and it's super funny when I meet some of you at events and I can say, "HEY! We tweeted back and forth last week! What's up?" It's also hilarious to take photos with the people I meet on the job, since we're usually clowning around and just being crazy.  I genuinely love reading the comments and tweets I get from everyone!
Have any more questions about what I do? Leave a comment here, over on Facebook, tweet at me, or email me at youngfreemichigan@gmail.com!
Stay awesome!