Why I Love My Job pt. 2: Videos

Awhile ago, I wrote about what it's like to blog for YoungFreeMichigan.com (in summary: it's awesome, but not to be taken lightly.) Today, I'll talk about another super fantastic aspect of the Young & Free Michigan Spokester job: writing, shooting, and editing videos. 

I majored in TV and video production in college, so this was the part of the job that drew me in initially. As soon as I saw the job description, I thought, "So I can actually be paid to be a ham in front of the camera? I do that for fun anyway! SA-WEET!" But not everyone is comfortable with video production, and it can seem daunting.
While it's challenging to think of a new video topic each week, sometimes the videos just "make themselves" -- bringing your camera along to a community event, catching on-the-fly footage on your iPhone while you're out shopping, hanging out on campus asking random questions to students, etc.
It's fun to think of new ways to visually represent finance/lifestyle topics, too. When I couldn't think of a good way to show a person choosing the right credit card, I just decided to draw my own pictures … and the Young & Free Michigan Stick Figure Theater was born. I've used Legos, argued with myself in split screen, and used "finger people" to act out everything from intergalactic Credit Union adventures to debating the leasing vs. buying question to dyeing your hair at home.
However, writing and shooting the video are just the first steps -- editing is the tricky part. Videos don't just magically appear on the computer. It's a time-consuming process, and one that you shouldn't undertake lightly. Also, you have to plan for unexpected circumstances, such as equipment malfunctions, footage turning out terrible even after days of planning, and even YouTube refusing to upload your finished project. Patience is a virtue, and never more so than when editing video!
If you're still unsure about the video aspect of the job, check out this link. It has information about the process and links to various tutorials and other helpful tips to get you started -- and I'm always here if you have some questions!