WHY Are You Paying For These Things?!

When it comes to spending money, I am an avid saver... usually. But really, I do save where I can and I try not to spend where I don't have to. So if I had the option of buying something or receiving something for free, I'd choose the free option. And chances are, you would too. So when I read Myle Peterman's, a former spokester of Young & Free Alberta, blog called "Why are you paying for these things?" I couldn't help but to ask myself, "seriously, why AM I paying for these things?"

Below is the list that Myle provided of things you do't have to pay for and can actually get for FREE.

  1. CD's, DVD's and Video Games.

    I don't know about yours but my local library has ALL of these things available to me. I can take out movies or video games for a full week, or I can take out CD's for three weeks!

    If you seriously want to own that new album/movie/game then if you exercise some patience, usually Blockbuster puts used (or Previously Viewed/Played) items for cheaper.

    As for music, you can watch for cheap/free digital downloads, or buy the album used off of Amazon.ca.

  2. Books

    The same thing applies to books that applies to the other media. Hit up your local library! It's free, and at my library I can take out up to 45 books at once! Seriously use your library people!

    If there IS a book that you want to buy, you can buy used ones from local reused book stores, or Amazon.ca usually offers used books.

  3. Gym membership

    So this one is definitely debatable (some people need to have a gym membership for motivation to actually go to the gym) but for the same as you would be paying for a gym membership, you could pick up a few exercise items and workout at home.

    Again, working out at home is probably only an option for some of you when it comes to lifting the weights/pumping the iron/feeling the burn/getting cut/etc. because you just don't have room for any equipment.

    If that's the case, you can get a much cheaper gym membership at your cities local sports and leisure centers.

  4. Driving EVERYWHERE

    Gas costs so much money! If you have a local transit system, try taking it more often. Anytime you can avoid driving you should do so. Do more walking and that will be another reason to avoid paying for a gym membership!

  5. Water/Ice

    You're going to have to pay a water bill one way or another, but I mean bottled water. Just get a water bottle and refill it! Or get a FEW water bottles and refill them. Tap water is in anyways, and you don't want to be out, now do you?

    Paying for ice is just as bad. Put some water in a couple ice cube trays, wait for it to freeze, put them in a bag, repeat. Or if you're going camping, fill a couple of old milk jugs with water, let them freeze, and them use them to keep your food cool.

    Once the water melts, you can use as drinking water! Two birds, one stone, so awesome.

So seriously - why are you paying for these things? Try taking advantage of the tips Myle gave! I mean, why spend money when you can get something fore free?


Until next time, 

Vicky :)