Whoops! Verizon Reverses Its Fees

Remember how I talked about Verizon charging its customers $2 to make one-time online payments? And a few of you made it well known that you thought this was ridiculous? 

Well, good news! Verizon decided they were reneging on their decision. Due to customer reaction, the company decided that they weren't going to go through with the fee. The internet exploded with negative reactions, especially on the heels of the Bank of America fiasco.
One of the main mediums that customers used to complain was Twitter. While it took Bank of America about a month to reverse the fee, Verizon reversed their controversial fee in roughly a days' time. Ron Shevlin, an analyst from the Aite Group in Boston, commented on how Twitter allows backlash to progress so quickly -- especially in this day and age, when customers are sick of being nickeled and dimed by big companies.
What do you think about Verizon's decision? Are you surprised by the amount of time it took for them to reverse their fees?
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