Who Would Win YOUR Emmys?

This is, hands down, my favorite moment from "The Office." I think the first time I saw it, I had to sit down and put my head between my knees because I was hyperventilating from laughing.  

I think the show has declined a bit in recent years - the first four seasons are the best, with the peak in the third season. Why am I thinking about TV, you ask? Well, DUH! The Emmy awards were on last night.

One of my FAVORITES, Melissa McCarthy, won the Lead Actress in a Comedy award for "Mike and Molly." I've been a huge fan since she was adorable Sookie St. James on "Gilmore Girls." ["Gilmore Girls" is the best show of all time, and don't try to argue with me about it.]

Obviously, everyone has their own "cups of tea" when it comes to TV shows. What are your favorites, on-air or off? Who would you like to have seen win some Emmys this year? Leave it here or over on Facebook!

Stay awesome!