Which Team Should I Be On?! #Blue #Green

Michigan's biggest college football weekend is upon us. It is time to pick a team and stand by them. Be faithful to them. Cheer them on whether they suck or not *cough State cough*. No disrespect.

 Compliments of giphy.com

Compliments of giphy.com

I'ma be real with you. I don't care who the heck wins this game. Like, at all. I barely understand football. But I guess you can say I'm slightly skewed toward Michigan State. It was the only other school that I applied to besides Howard University. But on the flip side, that blue and maize is a fire color combination. Stylistically, I'm on team U of M. Favorably, I'm team on team MSU... even though they aren't doing so well this season.

Anyways, I went to Target today to see if I could find a cheap t-shirt to rep one of the teams. I felt left out. It was Team Appreciation day here at Michigan First and everyone is repping their favorite team. I don't have a favorite. I was honestly hoping to find one of those shirts that's half green/white and half blue/yellow. No luck. I left Target $26.49 broker, all for buying a t-shirt for a school that I didn't even go to and a sport that I can barely comprehend. Don't be like me.

And on that note, Happy Team Appreciation Day to the best Credit Union in the world. And happy almost Michigan Game Day. The big game comes on ESPN tomorrow at noon. They're playing at Spartan Stadium.

Btw, I bough a Michigan State shirt. Go Green? 

Be Easy,