Where's the Party at? 4th of July

 Picture From-    www.eventresources.co m

Picture From- www.eventresources.com

Some of you have been planning your 4th of July weekend for a month, others of you just show up at someones house, for some people the 4th of July is another day of work with crazy customers and the rest of us still don't know what we are going to do this weekend! 

Well, personally I would love to get up early, go kayaking on the lake, maybe play a little tennis, (cause I'm learning how to play tennis now and i'm super excited about it,) be lazy in the sun and then hang out with the family, see some fireworks and eat some good food. Yes, that is exactly what I want to do! 

Maybe you don't know exactly what you want to do yet. I know a lot of cities in Southeast MI have had their firework celebration already, but that doesn't mean the party is over! 

What if there is nothing going on around me Ebeth? Well, in that case I would tell you to make your own plans!

  • Get outside! Go for a walk, bike ride or jog. After all this is PURE MICHIGAN! 
  • Go shopping at the Salvation Army! (They have big sales on the 4th.)
  • Make something yummy and patriotic , like this fruit and angle cake platter.
 From aroundmyfamilytable.com

From aroundmyfamilytable.com

For instruction on how to make this platter click on the link below!  It's super easy! 

And if you are busy all day at work- When you get home, make some hot dogs for dinner and turn on the tv to watch the fireworks.

Just remember to celebrate! I am so grateful to live in America where we have our freedom and are proud of out patriotism!  I am thankful for the men and women who serve our country !

Happy 4th of July and God bless America! 

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,