Where Did Today Go...

Do you ever feel like the day just flew by and you didn't accomplish as much as you wanted? I feel like that a lot, but today in particular, I really feel like that. I had about 10 things on my to do list and I got 2 of them done... It's not a good feeling to have but it happens. 



So, today I'm gonna give a few simple tips on ways to be more productive. 

1- Make a list. Lists make things easier to keep track of. Having a list to reference will not only encourage you but remind you of what really needs to get done. I love making lists and even more than that, I love crossing things off my list! Can I get an AMEN!?

2- Stay ready. Keep your study cards, book, iPad, or notepad with you at all times, so when there is a moment to spare you can use that time to accomplish something. Memorize, write, send an email, read a chapter. Don't let any time be wasted. 

3- Look for opportunities. I am a person who enjoys watching TV, as a matter of fact I think I could watch TV for hours and be content. However, I have trained myself to do something productive while I watch TV. Wheather that be knitting, exercising or cleaning up during commercials, I love being productive during my down time. (FYI I do not enjoy watching TV when theres things to be done, it drives me nuts!) 

So what happens when I feel like a day has been wasted and I didn't get as much done as I could have? I PUSH MYSELF TO FINISH. I usually like to set a timer to see if I can complete the task with limited time. Tonight I plan on crossing three more of those things off of my list! I am going to set a timer, blast some music and speed to finish them! 

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Keeping it Fresh Young & Free,