When Saying NO isn't an Option

Being the shoulder to cry on can cost some serious CASH!

It’s a Saturday night and you’re sitting at home getting ready to have a relaxing night on the couch.  You’ve been working hard over the last few weeks to stick to a new budget and you’ve finally been able to make some progress new cell phone savings fund.  While saying no to those weekly fast food fixes has been hard, you’re feeling pretty good about the self-control you’ve been exhibiting.
Suddenly the phone rings and on the other end your best friend is a train wreck because his girlfriend just broke up with him.  Stating that a guy's night out is the only way he’ll truly be able to get over her, you feel your stomach drop because you know this isn’t a situation where you can tell your friend that a trip to the bar just isn’t in the budget… Instead of panicking, check out these few tips that can help you work with the situation while still being there for your friend in his time of need.

Check it out!

  • Instead of stressing over saying no, use these simple pointers to be proactive when working through these common situations
  • Instead of just saying yes to a trip to the hottest club in town, suggest a trip to a less expensive place.
  • Go out for dessert or coffee instead of an entire meal
  • Pack a lunch and picnic somewhere.  Sitting on the hood of your car at the beach can be way better than a stuffy restaurant anyway.
  • Check out the places that have daily discounts or food specials.
  • If it’s a group do a chill night and have everyone bring a dish to pass instead of worrying about splitting the check between 10 people.
When your friends call, we all know that it can be extremely hard to say no.  With these few tips, take control of the situation instead of letting yourself get caught up spending money you don’t have.  Sometimes these alternate options often become some of the best times and best situations to talk things out.  After all, you know it’s only a matter of time until you’re the friend in need of a pick up…
Until next time,