What YOU Need to Know About New Year's Eve

Making Plans for New Year’s Eve

The Key word here …PLAN! New Year’s Eve is a big night for parties, going out or sometimes staying in. Whatever you are planning, make sure you’re prepared – here are some things you may not have thought about.


Check it out!

Memorize Auld Land Syne right now.  We all know you aren’t going to remember the words on your own come midnight so put a little practice in beforehand.  You can check out the lyrics HERE!

If you’re planning on participating in a couple drinks to ring in the New Year, make sure to be safe with a designated driver or arranging for a place to stay at a friend’s house or hotel within walking distance of where your party is. Cops will be on the lookout for every little thing you do wrong!

Not all bars and restaurants are open to the general public on NYE.  Many require you to purchase tickets ahead of time.  Make a reservation or know the policy of the place you’re going. Many places charge a cover charge and have limited space for their New Year’s parties. Or if you’re eating out, some places have a holiday menu that may cost considerably more than regular.

Set an alarm on your phone 5 minutes before the ball drops.  Sounds unnecessary right?  Well I’ve almost missed the ball drop TWICE because I was outside chatting it up with friends and lost track of time.  Play it safe and set a reminder.

These tips might seem obvious to a NYE pro, but as a recent rookie I can say I’ve encountered all of these issues at one time or another.  The most important thing is to BE SAFE and have a plan!  This will save you from embarrassing moments and unnecessary bickering over the “where do you guys want to go?” conversation!  Be safe and have a Happy New Year!!!!

Until NEXT YEAR (see what I did there)