What to look for in ID theft protection products...

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Did you know in 2013 over 13 million people in the U.S. were victims of identity theft? That's just not cool!  To help protect yourself from identity theft you can use a protection service. There are lots of companies who offer identity protection and they all offer something a little different. Even Michigan First members have ID Safe Choice available to them as identity theft protection. 

After reviewing some of the top identity theft protection companies and plans, I found these features to be the most important to me;

  • Fraud Monitoring and Alerts- They look out for fraudulent activity and let you know if anything happens.
  • Recovery/ Resolution service- They will help you recover the stolen funds.
  • Stolen Wallet protection- They will help you if your wallet is ever stolen.
  • Support lines/ email, phone, 24/7- Ways you can reach the company with your questions or for help. 
  • Price- Know your budget and what you are will and able to afford.
 Photo From-  www.nyc.gov

Photo From- www.nyc.gov

When you are shopping for identity theft protection look at what the protection plan offers and compare it with what you think you will use or would like to have. Know that there are several different companies with different plans and price points, and although you might not have needed the identity theft protection before, you might want to have it just in case for the future.

Be smart when if comes to dealing with your money, because in a sense your finances is your personal business. Take care of it and pay close attention to it. 

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