What To Do With Old CDs

I was cleaning out my car the other day and I found treasure. And by treasure, I mean dozens and dozens of old CDs that had fallen underneath the seats and been lost in the mysterious abyss.


My first CD ever. I know the words to EVERY. SINGLE. SONG. ON IT.


I still listen to CDs whenever I drive my Saturn, because I don't have an auxiliary hookup for my iPod. But for those of you that are completely CD-less . . . what did you do with all your old CDs? Do you still have them? Sell them? Throw them out?

Budgetinginthefunstuff.com had a great article on what you can do with those old CDs you have lying around the house. If you're like me, I wouldn't want to part with the Backstreet Boys' "Millenium" or the Offspring's "Americana." So I might just get crafty and check out some of these ideas:

1) Old CD Coasters

Yup, you can make some pretty sweet music-themed coasters with your old CDs. The instructions are in the article!

2) Windsocks

These windsocks sound much better than those construction-paper-and-streamers ones I made in elementary school. If I ever have kids, I'm making them make me CD windsocks . . . if there are any CDs left in the world by that time . . . 

3) Picture Bases

You can get creative and use old CDs with appropriate titles for picture bases. The article suggests using a CD with a title like "Bad to the Bone" for a picture of a menacing-looking toddler. Sound like it could get pretty hilarious!

The instructions for these projects can be found here. Recycling can be fun . . . just make sure you're ready to put your beloved old CDs through the transformation :-/

Stay awesome!