What to do When you have Nothing to do


Being on holiday break from school is AWESOME. We have weeks and weeks of free time, to do whatever it is we please! But after a couple of days sleeping in and playing video games, our options start to run low. So… what do you do when you have NOTHING to do?

You could:

  • Work out
  • Go to a library and find new books
  • Write a song
  • Write a letter to someone you care about
  • Bake something delicious
  • Call an old friend
  • Learn origami
  • Watch “how-to” videos on YouTube
  • Have a movie marathon
  • Turn on some awesome music and dance
  • Better yet, dance while looking in a mirror
  • Clean your room
  • Do some laundry
  • Do some crosswords or play Sudoku
  • Become left handed if you’re right handed
  • Became right handed if you’re left handed

Hopefully this helps you ease some of the possible boredom you experience during break! By the way, you could always email me at YoungFreeMichigan@Gmail.com or shoot me a Facebook message too! I enjoy talking, and a good conversation always eases the pains of boredom!


Until next time,

Vicky :)