What NOT To Do When Studying

You always read about what study habits you SHOULD be doing . . . but what about learning how what you're already doing is hurting you? Let's take a different approach here. Here are some "study habits" that you may be stuck in that can really tank your grades. You can find the complete list at suite101.com!

1) Poor Attendance
Sounds simple, and it is. You can't learn if you don't go to class. Think of it this way, too -- you're paying hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars for that class. Get your money's worth!
2) Poor Note-taking Skills
Brushing up on your active listening skills and learning how to figure out what to write down and what to leave out is crucial to improving your study habits. Check out some online note taking tips to improve on this skill, and watch your grades soar.
3) Procrastination
DON'T be like me. I'm a terrible procrastinator, and it causes stress levels to rise to crazy heights. Just hunker down, eliminate distractions, and get your stuff done as soon as you possibly can - the payoff is worth it!
4) Failure to Read Directions
There's nothing worse than writing an entire paper and then realizing you completely missed the point -- because you didn't read the assignment sheet carefully enough. (Okay, there are probably worse things, but it still stinks.) Save yourself all that trouble, and make sure you fully understand each assignment. Ask your instructor if you need to!
5) Over-Reliance on Other Students
Study groups can be a great help, but tread carefully. Relying on others to lighten your work load will eventually backfire. Make sure that you draw a line between collaboration and letting others pick up your slack!
There are plenty more tips in the original article here. Take control of your college experience -- this is YOUR money you're spending on an education, so get the best one you can!
Stay awesome!