What NOT to Buy Before Christmas

You might think that all the best deals are going on right now, so that this is the best time to buy EVERYTHING -- not just gifts. However, this isn't always true. This article at money.cnn.com gives the scoop on what items will be cheaper just after the holidays, so if you're looking at scoring some necessities for yourself, just wait a few weeks!

1) Clothing
It hasn't been too cold lately, so things like scarves, coats, flannel clothing items and luxury items like cashmere will be even cheaper than usual after the 25th -- even if the temperature plunges -- because people just aren't buying these items as much as usual! If you really want to buy something like this for a friend, consider a gift card so they can shop during the mega-sales. 
2) Televisions
If you missed the Black Friday deals, you're kind of out of luck -- however, wait till after the holidays when some retailers will start clearing out older models to make way for new ones, and there's always the Super Bowl sales in January!
3) Holiday Decorations
I learned this one from my momma! If you're looking to stock up on new holiday decorations, wait till after Christmas! Sales will be wicked awesome. Just be aware that the pickings will be slim!
4) Linens and bedding
Did you know that January has been the best time to buy linens for over 100 years?  Well . . . it's true! Snap up some bedding and linens in January for the best deals all year.
More tips over on CNN Money, so check it out to save some major dollarage!
Stay awesome!