What is the Perfect Gift?

Looking for the Perfect Gift?

The holiday season is right around the corner.  If you haven’t started saving up money for gifts, you need to start ASAP!  The holidays should be full of family and fun, but are too often spoiled over the stress associated with shopping for gifts.  This is especially true for anyone who is looking to impress his or her significant other with a shiny new gift.
Funny thing is, American Express Publishing and Harrison Group recently did a study finding that 2/3 of affluent women prefer receiving a gift card for the holidays.  Instead 70% of them are gifted clothing and jewelry instead.
So why are we stressing over finding that perfect gift?  Most would argue that it is the thought that counts.  However what if you put a new spin on the gift giving and took that person out shopping instead of just handing over the gift card with a cheesy card.
Even with the facts in front of me, I know that I will most likely spend some serious time looking for that perfect gift for my girlfriend.  Call me old fashioned maybe, but I want to find something special.  Comment below if you have an opinion of the gift card v.s. traditional gift battle.
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