What If I'm a Princess?

Over the past few days, I've become a little bit obsessed with finding out my family history. On my mom's father's side of the family, one of my cousins traced our heritage back all the way to 16th century France! I've been wanting to tackle my dad's family history for years, but I finally got around to signing up for Ancestry.com.

I was thrown off at first by the steep cost of the website, but guess what? You can sign up for a 14-day free trial. As long as you cancel before your two weeks are up, it's totally free.
In just a few days, I traced the O'Hara's all the way back to Ireland in 1840! I also found a ton of records mentioning my relatives, such as my great-grandfather's World War I draft registration card, and the 1900 census mentioning my great-grandmother on my mom's side.
All of this was accomplished in just two days of research. I also found a free site, familysearch.org, that offers free access to basic government records such as U.S. Census records and birth, marriage, and death certificates. 
Also, genforum.genealogy.com is a great resource for finding personal information about your relatives.
Do you have any other free websites with ancestry information? Leave them here or on Facebook! Trust me, it's so cool to see your family history played out in historical records. If I find out I'm related to royalty, I might ask you to start calling me Princess Janelle.

This might be me. (source)

Stay awesome!
(Possibly Princess) Janelle