What Goes in a Safe Deposit Box vs. What Doesn't

Let’s start with the basics. A safe deposit box is a fireproof metal box which is meant to hold important valuables. These boxes are at most banks and credit unions, including THREE of Michigan First Credit Union’s branches (the Evergreen branch, Wyoming branch, and Gratiot branch.) These boxes usually cost a small fee for the person using the box, but if you have something you want to keep in SUPER safe storage, it is well worth it.

So what do you put in your safe deposit box?

And what don’t you put in a safe deposit box?

Here’s a list of weird things I found on Fox 11 Online that probably don’t need a safe deposit box:

band aid.png
  • A box of Band-Aids and two toenails
  • A Rolex box that had no Rolex
  • An empty envelope
  • A bunch of spoons


What should I put in my safe deposit box?

You should put items that you NEVER EVER want to lose, including important papers, originals of insurance policies, birth certificates, marriage certificates, original deeds and titles, as well as other contracts or items you might need immediately. For example, if you’re going to need a certain paper or item 10 PM on a Tuesday night when your bank or credit union is close, you do NOT want that item or paper to be in your safe deposit box; those are items you need to keep with YOU or at a safe place at home.


Is my safe deposit box really safe?

OF COURSE IT IS! :) Only you have access to this box, unless you jointly rent a box and give someone else permission to use the box. Also, if there’s a reasonable cause that you have something illegal in your safe deposit box, law enforcement agencies can also access your box, but chances are those of you who are reading this would only have happy, nice things in your box. ;)

drilling into safe.jpg

If you do decide to get a safe deposit box, check out more information on Michigan First Credit Union’s s website here.


Until next time,

Vicky :)