What a busy week!

This week has been such a busy week! I have been in and out of my cube all week. Monday I got to hang out in downtown Royal Oak for a little video shoot. Tuesday, I hung out at Henry Form Museum. Wednesday, I  had a Financial Literacy Presentation at Henry Ford Community College and Thursday I had two more Financial Literacy Presentations. Today I spent most of the day hanging out at our Wayne State Student branch for a meeting about some new, exciting ideas. 

In today's blog I wanted to share a little bit about the First Gear Account that Michigan First Offers to 17-25 year old's who qualify. This account is incredible, and full of perks. Some of the perks included in the First Gear Account are,  no maintenance fees, no annual fee and NO minimum balance. 

Those perks are a big deal, because most accounts at Financial Institutions have some crazy fees. A maintenance fee is a fee that is taken out of your account, just to maintain the account. This is usually a monthly fee that could be around $25 depending on your specific account and Financial Institution. An annual fee is just what is sounds like, a fee that is charge to your account every year to keep the account active and open. This fee is usually a larger fee depending on your financial institution and specific account. And lastly a minimum balance is the amount you are required to have in your account at all times. If the account falls below the minimum balance, you are then automatically charged with a fee. Now that you know what those terms mean, those First Gear perks sound even better, right? 

If you have any questions about opening a First Gear account, feel free to hit me up on social media or email me.

I was working on a video today, but unfortunately I fell into a few technical difficulties. However, I created this video when I was interviewed on FOX 17 in Grand Rapids and I've saved it to release for a day like today! It's just a fun clip that tells a little bit of what I do as the Spokester of the Young & Free Michigan.

Enjoy your weekend! 

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,