#WeddingWednesday | Mental Preparation

Hey, what’s up Young & Free Michigan! This week’s Wedding Wednesday will be all about your mental preparation. Of course, we all want an amazing wedding, but what’s more important is having a lasting marriage once the celebration ends.


There are a few tough conversations you want to have with yourself before you say I do. Ask yourself these questions:


1)    What are some things about myself I need to change for the better?

2)    What are some things about my fiancé he/she needs to work on and how can I help?

3)    What does marriage look like to me?

4)    How do I handle conflict and how can I handle it better in the future?

5)    What are some of the things I’m looking forward to the most about marriage?

6)    Who are my marriage role models?


Take the questions and answer them in your journal. Remember, there are no wrong answers. The purpose is for you to see yourself clearly and get a better understanding of what you want from your marriage.


I’m so excited for everyone who is preparing to say “I do!” I hope this advice helps to make your big day even better.



Stay Young & Be Free,