Creating Your Wedding #Hashtag

Weddings have changed drastically over the years. With advances in technology comes new and exciting traditions, like creating your wedding hashtag! What’s a wedding hashtag you ask? It’s a tag that your guest and bridal party will use on all of their social media posts regarding your wedding. It’s a fun way to collect all of your guests’ photos and have an online archive of your big day., Here are some tips for creating your wedding hashtag:


1)    Use Your Social

My fiancé posted the question on Facebook “What should our wedding hashtag be?” Not only have we received hundreds of comments, it turned out to be a really fun way to get our guests excited.

giphy social mediaaa.gif



2)    Incorporate Your Name

A wedding hashtag must have the couples’ last name in it. It’s basically law. Think of your hashtag as a play on words. Some examples are #ForeverYoung, #HappilyEverHarvey, #TwasaGoodKnight, #EmmaLoveJakes. For me and my fiancé our hashtag is #DunnDating.

my name is.gif


3)    Make it Fun & Easy To Remember

Don’t get too crazy with long words. Make it short, sweet, and easy to remember.



4)    Spread the Word

Make sure your bridal party and guests are aware of the hashtag so it’s in circulation all night long!

giphy b.gif


Be creative, have fun, and make it one to remember! For more #WeddingWednesday you can visit our playlist on YouTube just search “Young Free Michigan.”


Stay Young & Be Free,