Website Spotlight:

Plenty of you who follow my Facebook page know that I'm a big fan of the site In fact, I've been wasting hours tonight taking quizzes, reading articles, and looking at pictures on a variety of subjects -- science, history, pop culture, you name it, there's an article on the subject. 

I justify spending so much time on this site by the fact that it's educational! I've learned so many random facts from this site, and I just keep coming back for more. Tonight, for instance, I took a quiz in which I had to name all 50 state capitals in 10 minutes, a quiz on Saved by the Bell, and a quiz matching Presidents to their Presidential portraits.
Granted, you can always Google the answers, but where's the fun in that? Also, may quizzes are timed, so you don't always have time.
Here are links to a few of my favorite quizzes, as well as some recent articles I've read that you might find interesting:
And of course, there's the handy-dandy Amazing Fact Generator!
If you find yourself with a few minutes to spare, check out this fantabulous site!
Stay awesome!