Wake up it's Wednesday!

Hey Young & Free Michigan.

Today I am giving myself a wake up call as well as giving you a gentle reminder. How many times have I made a transfer from my savings to my checking or withdrew some cash from my savings account? One too many times. I now realize how hard it can be to build a savings account if habitats of spending have been developed. 

Saving money is kind of like eating healthy. You don't enjoy it when you first start, you still crave what you used to eat, and you don't see amazing results right away. It takes time.

But, once those saving and spending habits are adjusted, saving money will be top priority because the results will speak for themselves. Just like changing eating habits.  

I have set a savings goal for myself and I am determined to reach or maybe even exceed it!

You can do it Young & Free Michigan. It pains me to say this, but even skipping out on that deliciously expensive cup of coffee once a week could help more than you think! $5 a week times 52 weeks is $260! That's a great starting point, what are some other areas you are spending in that you could be saving? Think about it and do something about it!

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,