Voting Update

WOW! This year’s spokester applicants are really stepping up their game.  Over the last couple of days we have seen some pretty creative campaign efforts.  From additional promo videos, to creative photo shopping and even custom t-shirts, you guys are killing it right now!

I highly encourage all of you to keep those creative wheels turning. While the voting portion of this competition decides who makes it into the top ten, we are taking a close look at how you guys campaign too.  After all, the next Young & Free Michigan Spokester needs to be able to leverage a large social network.

If you are currently putting some extra effort into your campaign, make sure you’re posting it somewhere where everyone, including us, can see it. Don’t forget to tag Young & Free Michigan in your statuses and tweet us at @YoungFreeMI.  Even using hash tags like #YFSearch2013 and #VOTE will help too!

The voting has been EXTREMELY close so far, so if your name hasn’t popped up in the top ten yet, don’t freak out!  The rankings change everyday!

Until next time,