Volunteering Your Way to a Career

Freshly graduated, but still without a job? First of all, give yourself a little bit of time! Not everyone bounces into their dream job right away. 

However, if it's been a few months and you're getting a bit desperate, the New York Times Bucks Blog has a good suggestion. Consider joining a public service organization like AmeriCorps, Teach for America, or the Peace Corps
Many organizations offer salaried positions or a stipend, but public service work isn't about rolling in the dough. It's about trying something new and figuring out new things about yourself to help you make smarter decisions down the road. Public service work has many benefits, including building valuable career skills, increasing self-confidence, and introducing you to a ton of career paths you may not have considered before.
The article suggests keeping a journal while volunteering to help you keep track of the things you do and how your activities are helping you grow as a person. Networking with other people in the organization, picking your colleagues' brains, and taking the lead on different projects can help steer you in the right direction.
The important thing? It's okay to change your mind. Maybe you graduated with an engineering degree, but find yourself drawn to marketing for nonprofit organizations. Perhaps your fine arts degree isn't as compelling to you anymore, and you're interested in financial planning. Public service organizations are great places to sort this all out if you're low on job options, but still feel the need to make good use of your time!
Check out the article for more information!
Stay awesome!