Vocal Rest...

 Me at camp last week! :) 

Me at camp last week! :) 

Happy Monday! As you may know I was out of town last week, serving at a youth camp in Indiana. While I was at camp, unfortunately I caught a bug, a bug that stole my voice. Lots of people thought my voice was gone from screaming or singing, but that wasn’t it at all. I just woke up one day and it was gone! Being on vocal rest is such a hard thing for me because I talk so much. And if you know me, you know I also sing and hum all the time. So right now, I am currently on vocal rest. I am trying to regain the strength back in my vocal cords, so my conversations are kept to a minimum.  

My vocal cords are very important to me as a public speaker and singer so it is vital that I regain my voice 100%. Some tips I found online on how to regain your voice are;

  1.  Drink plenty of water
  2. Gargle salt water
  3.  Drink tea with honey and lemon
  4.  Hang your head over steam for 5 min. twice a day 
  5. REST and don’t talk.
  6. Go to the doctor if your voice doesn't clear up in 3 days

The struggle of not talking seems to be just as hard as saving money.  You don’t want to waste it because in order to use it to its full potential it needs to be taken care of and saved.

I believe I will have my voice back in the next few days! Until then I will be saving it up for when I really need it. 

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,