VIDEO: Special Olympics Summer Game Interviews!

The day has finally arrived. I am releasing the first video of the Special Olympics interviews! I had a blast at Central Michigan University meeting and hanging out with the athletes. Watch today's video that is full of some enthusiastic athletes that participated in the games and be inspired. If I had to give this video a theme it would probably be, "Faster than any cheetah," or "Bring it on."  Watch to see why... :) 

Lessons I learned from the Special Olympics: No more excuses. It's time to push past the obstacles, set some goals and work hard to reach them. Something else I personally loved about the Special Olympics was that everyone was so kind! High fives and hugs were expected and everyone around was genuinely happy. It's time to smile more Young & Free. Always find something to be thankful for and smile about. 


Big thanks to Aaron Mills and the Special Olympics team for giving me this opportunity and being some of the nicest people I have ever met! If you haven't gotten involved with the Special Olympics, I highly encourage you to get involved as soon as you can! 

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,