VIDEO: International Year of Cooperatives Spokester Style

All of the Young & Free Spokesters from around North America got together to create a video about the International Year of Cooperatives.

PSYCHE! We just COOPERATED long-distance to create a video for you all! Here, you'll get to see Dex from Alberta, Michelle from New Mexico, Matt from Indiana, MOI, Lee from Alabama, Darryl from South Carolina, Kaylie from Ontario, Jenn from St. Louis, and Seth from Maine! (Not to mention Cheryl from Young & Free HQ!)

Credit unions are financial cooperatives, which means they're democratically controlled and owned by their members. You get a say! Isn't that nice? This also allows credit unions to become involved in their community and raise awareness for various socioeconomic issues affecting their membership. 

So watch the video -- it's funky, fun, and . . . well, I would say "artsy", but my stick figure skills can't really compare to the other masterpieces involved.

Stay awesome!