VIDEO: DIY Holiday Crafts on a Budget

Pinterest Fails are Hilarious

There are two things I want to talk about today! First is Pinterest fails. If you have not seen any examples of Pinterest fails online yet, you’re missing out on a good laugh. Watching peoples’ lame attempts at replicating the variety of knickknacks and recipes found on Pinterest is enough to make you spit out your coffee at work.  I know that by first hand experience.

Second, as a part of the Holiday blog series, I want to share with you guys some good DIY gift ideas that can save you some serious cash. I’m not talking about Popsicle stick frames. I’m talking about unique crafts you can throw together with household items and a few bucks. So if you’re still looking for some gift ideas take a look!

Since these two topics just so happen to overlap nicely, I am proud to give you this week’s video! My buddy Jamiil and I set out to show all of you how to whip up some creative holiday crafts, but ended up failing miserably…

Check it out

Inspiration V.S. Our Results

Holiday Fails.jpg

While these didn’t quite turn out the way we wanted them to, I promise you that these are GOOD ideas that don’t cost a lot of money! Most of the items can be found around the house in fact! Special thanks to Living in the Woods and Etsy for the inspirational photos and ideas! Hopefully we didn’t butcher them too badly! Let us know how we did by commenting below OR share your own ideas for a budget friendly Christmas craft!

Until next time,