Video Application Examples

We had a question come in, "Hey guys, before I make my video, where can I see past videos or the videos of past winners so I can have an idea of what you guys are looking for?"

As you may or may not know, over the past six years there have been 25 Young & Free Spokesters named all over North America, so there are definitely a bunch of great video that have been created! Here's a few examples of past winners to help you get started. We're not looking for carbon copies, but these might inspire you as you put the finishing touches on your application. Ultimately, your video should capture who you are and leave us wanting more! 

DeAndre in Texas

Kylie in Maine

Alex in Tennessee

Janelle in Michigan

Matt in Indiana

Remember, your ability to film and edit a video is only part of the application, so if you are new to video or if you don't think your editing skills are stellar, don't worry too much. Give it a shot, you may just surprise yourself and us.

One simple tip: If you only have a cell phone to film with, make sure you hold the phone horizontally and as steady as possible!.

Good luck!

Young & Free Michigan Team